What To Say

Whether it's the first time you email someone or the nth time, always be respectful.  Consider what you are saying in the email and make the most of it.  Only 25-30 percent of communication is related to the words we write or say, so give more context on complex thoughts when writing.

The first email to someone should follow the following pattern:

  • Introduce yourself
  • After having read their profile, tell them something you like about their profile.
  • After having read their profile, ask them an open question that pertains to something in their profile or profile images.  Like, where was that "image" taken?
  • Close the email.  No need to ask them to respond back.  If they get the email and are interested, they will answer your question and you can continue the conversation from there.  

Always close the email with a question that is related to them.  At least at first.  This will help you get to know them and will spur on the conversation.  

No need to tell your life story in the email, let them ask questions too.

Keep it short at first.  No need to scare them away with a book.

Most importantly, have fun!

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